What is photo ID, and why do I have to upload it in order to load funds with PayPal?

In order to load funds using PayPal, you must upload a Government issued photo ID, such as a high quality photo of your drivers licence, or your passport. Scanned images is no longer accepted.  

This is something that has to be in place, for protection from both sides. You may of course remove your personal number or passport number before you upload the document, if you want to.

Once we have reviewed and approved the document, and you have updated your account with your verified PayPal account, you are able to load funds using PayPal. 

For more information, please see our Guidelines for uploading photo ID

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    why i can not upload photo ID with rar.file ?

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    Hi there,
    It is not possible to upload ID's in compressed form. Please unpack it before uploading.

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    Why you reject my payment paypal?

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    I sent a photo id but has always rejected, can you help me...