How do I add a plug?

In order to add a plug you first need to add your website. Once your website is added and verified, you may add plugs to it. Plugs should link directly to content on your website. By content, we mean something like an article, blogpost, game, gallery, picture or video. Plugs to your homepage or pages with links to content will be rejected.

To add a plug, you need to enter a plug url, a title, a description, provide a thumbnail and select one or more categories.

Type: Regular Plugs are for any content, thumbnail should be 4:3 ratio, example 200x150 pixels. Gallery Plugs are primarily for galleries or pictures and thumbnail should be 2:3 ratio, example 150x225 pixels.

URL: The url to the content on your website, example:

Title: The title of your content, example: Sexy Girl Photoshoot

Description: Should describe your content further than the title, example: Hot brunette babe with big tits poses for a photoshoot

Thumbnail URL/Thumbnail File: To provide us with a thumbnail, you need to either upload it from your computer (file) or provide us with a link to where you have it online (url). The thumbnail should be minimum 180x135 pixels for regular plugs, 150x225 pixels for gallery plugs. There is no max size, the bigger the thumbnail, the more easy it will be for you to crop it the way you want. Thumbnails with borders, graphics, watermarks or other annoying stuff on it will be rejected.

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    my plug status showing pending.......what i have to do now?