How can I refund a campaign?

If you have a campaign that is not performing, you can have the remaining balance refunded to your account. In order to do so, please press "More options" on the campaign(s), then "Request Refund". We will process your request as soon as possible and the balance left on the campaign will be returned to your account.

Once a campaign has been refunded, we won't be possible to re-start it again. 



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    My employee request refund for so many campaign. We just want to reduce the number of campaigns because your website is too slow. So many of those campaigns are succesful and important. Is there anyway to reverse this?

    In addition I already delete many of those refunded campaign thinking that they are useless.

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    Hoy tenia 18 usted entre saldo y reserva , apague campañas para cambiar la url y ahora reviso y solo tengo 10 usd, donde están los otros 8 usd??