Campaign Parameters / Tracking / SubIDs

When you buy traffic from PlugRush, there are a few parameters you can put in the URL that will be replaced by actual data by us before the visitor is sent to your campaign. Below is a list of available parameters you can use when buying traffic:


{$id} - a unique ID of the traffic source/website

{$cc} - two letter country code of the visitor

{$category} - the category of the traffic source/website

{$domain} - the domain of the traffic source/website

{$trafficsource} - type of the traffic source (babelog, blog, dump, mgp, tgp or tube)

{$campaign_id} - the unique ID of your campaign

{$ad_id} - a unique ID of your ad (PlugTraffic only)

{$ad_ref} - your internal ad reference (PlugTraffic only)

{$mobile_os} - the mobile OS of the visitor


Example URL:{$id}&country_code={$cc}

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