What is a popunder script?

A popunder script is a javascript that you can place in your website HTML code. Whenever a visitor enters your website, this script will detect it and try to open a new browser tab/window behind the current one for this visitor. For each successful visitor that you send to our advertisers, you will earn money from. These earnings can be viewed in Publishers -> earnings. In case that we do not have full inventory for this traffic, you can provide us with an alternative url and we will open that url in the window instead.

Please note that the popunder script will not open a new tab/window for all your visitors. Unfortunately, many vistors has browser with pop-blockers, toolbars with pop-blockers or they use adblock. We see that the ratio between number of visitors to a website and numbers of popped tabs/windows for these visitors is within 5-40 of 100 (5%-40%), normally though it is between 20% and 30%.

The popunder is initiated by mouse click.

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    The 5%-40% you have quoted above (normally 20%-30%), is that the number of visitors that are using pop ups? So potential when using pop unders 20%-30% of traffic will be lost?