What is an adzone?

An adzone is a script tag that you place in your website HTML code. Depending on what kind of adzone it is, you will sell or trade visitors from it. We currently have three main adzones that we support:

Widgets, Popunder Script and Mobile Redirect Script.

Widgets are used to trade and/or sell Plug Traffic (clicked traffic). Popunder Scripts are used to sell web-visitors by popping a new browser window in the background while they surf your website. Mobile Redirect Scripts are used to sell mobile traffic by detecting and redirecting mobile visitors automatically.

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    re you able to do training videos that show how and when to use widgets, pop under scripts and mobile redirect scripts? Thanks

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    We will probably be making tutorial videos, but we haven't decided for which topics, or when they will be done yet. We are always happy to receive suggestions, I will write yours down for when we will start making the videos.
    In the meantime don't hesitate to write us a ticket or add one of our account managers on Skype.

    Thanks for your input and have a great day! =)