Could you provide further information about the advertising categories in your network? (Babelogs, Blogs, Dumps, MGPs, TGPs and Tubes)

The 6 different advertising categories are the choices we give publishers when they register their website in PlugRush. 

* Babelog - A website with hot babes, often not nude, more often in portrait format (higher than wide)
* Blog - Just a regular blog
* Dumps - The websites that mostly existed before the tubes. They often had less own content and more links to other dumps
* MGP - Movie gallery page, kinda like TGP but only with movies instead of thumbnails
* TGP - Thumbnail gallery page, it's a website full of links, 40% of the clicks will lead to it's own galleries, 60% will lead to other TGP's galleries
* Tubes - A website focused on own video content, little or no links to other websites

Our general recommendation is to buy traffic from all these sources. You can use the {$trafficsource} campaign parameter to track each category.

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