Why has my CPM dropped?

The reason for sudden CPM drop may vary, but is often due to high traffic. When receiving a lot of traffic, the campaign will target both higher and lower bids, and the average will drop.
When sending less traffic the higher bids will be prioritized. So high traffic may lead to a bit lower CPM, but still higher total revenue.
Also CPM may seem lower than it actually is. Some kinds of popunder traffic has up to two days delay before showing in stats.

Keep in mind that your CPM depends on bids from advertisers, it is not set by Plugrush. The higher quality your traffic is, the higher advertisers will bid, and the higher your CPM will be. If your traffic doesn't convert well, advertisers will lower their bids to increase their profit.

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    Cpm=0. Why?

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    It's not fair, how can you buy high traffic with cheapest Bid! It's adult industry, not niche with average competitor! Here place for dominant, not place for bid to increase their profit!. We're here with budget on server side, but they buy traffic from us with cheapest bid. We work hard for sending pure human visitor, that's mean all in quality. If the problem is their convertion rate, there are many factor! And not at all about visitor! This is business, not all visitor be their money but all visitor that we've send is full value for us. Think it, if not you will lose your publisher.

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    Hi there,
    I think you might have misunderstood a bit.
    If you sell 10k hits of high quality it is likely it is likely that much of that traffic will end up with the highest bidding advertisers. If you add another 10k to the traffic you sell some of the traffic will also go to the bids a bit lower. So this will earn you more money, but your CPM might be a bit lower, since all advertisers doesn't bid equally high.
    Hope this was clearifying, but please don't hesitate to create a ticket if you have any further questions! =)

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    Saludos. me gustaria saber si pueden hacer que tranajen devuelta. enviando trafico para juicyads. Saludos. no nun e tenido quejas sobre el trafico de plugrush. me gustaria seguir comprando trafico para juicyads saludos